Owner / Producer / Studio Musician

With a career spanning over 40 years, Henry has seen the inside of a recording studio grow from a simpler time with 4 track units, to full blown 24 track L.A. studios, to his new digital digs here at Small World. His expertise and experience in the music industry make him the perfect choice to produce any style of music.

Henry started Small World Studios about 15 years ago so he could better help the artist reach their musical vision. While a more experienced artist may just require someone to hit the 'record' button, the artist with a little less studio experience has been able to benefit from Henry's production techniques. While not only being able to get the best performance from an artist, he's also helped with song and harmony structure, instrumental ideas and some career guidance as well. And he's always willing to lend a hand musically for background vocals or some electric violin tracks to help add a unique dimension to your tracks.

For more on the career of Henry Small, check out The History and read more about the man who's recorded, performed and written with some historical artists over the years. From performing on TV's THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL to world tours and gold records to working with rock legends, Henry's career has been anything BUT "small".

Chief Engineer / Co-Producer / Studio Musician

Kris has been an integral part of the Kamloops music scene since 1997. He attended Capilano University (North Vancouver) and received his Music Diploma (Jazz Studies) in 2004. While there, he studied with some of the most accomplished musicians in the world, recorded in a few of the most prestigious studios in Canada and worked with some of the most innovative producers of our time.

Since his return to Kamloops, Kris has kept busy playing, recording and teaching music lessons at Small World Studios, where he and Henry Small have been developing artists to get the most out of their recording experiences. More recently, he was contracted to compose the music for the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games opening ceremonies.

"This studio is certainly a creative environment to work in, and a favorite of mine in Kamloops. They house a Protools HD2 system with a C|24 digital controller. It's fast and sounds amazing. I'm more than just into setting up the mics and pushing record. Artist development is important, and I feel it's best to work with the artist or band in a way that will help get the best performance from them possible."

Kris is available for pre-production (the process of working out everything before the "real" recording takes place), or the full (tracking to master) production. He plays and programs drums, bass, guitar and keyboards, promising to deliver professional performances to suit your project in every way possible.

Studio Musician / Collaborator
www.mattstanleyand thedecoys.com

A born and bred Kamloops hometown musician, Matt Stanley shares his multi-faceted talents with the Kamloops music scene and Small World Studios. At the ripe old age of whatever he is, Matt's never NOT been involved with music.

He plays drums, his plays guitar, he writes and co-writes songs, he does vocals and has recorded two CDs and tours all around Western Canada as Matt Stanley and the Decoys.

Referring to his debut EP in 2008 called "Life and Times" he says,"I didn't know how I wanted it to sound. I had some songs and originally intended to record a folk album." It was sometime later, following encouragement from producer Henry Small, that Stanley pursued a more rock sound. Little did Stanley know at the time, but the six songs on "Life and Times" would later build the foundation of his future band.